K9 Aqua is now open at their new location -

Southern K9 Therapy Centre



1218 Great South Rd, Runciman. Only 3 mins off the Drury motorway.




What is hydrotherapy?


Hydrotherapy is aquatic exercise which is controlled in 3 ways:

• Skill of the therapist

• Water temperature

• Sanitisation of the water


Hydrotherapy has many benefits. It is excellent for the rehabilitation of dogs following surgery, for weight loss, soft tissue injuries, non-weight bearing for arthritic dogs, conditioning of show dogs and dogs competing in sports, or for general fitness.



Why choose K9 Aqua?


• K9 Aqua is the only hydrotherapy centre in Auckland to offer the benefits of both a heated pool and an aquatic treadmill and

• Full time qualified canine hydrotherapist - ABC Nationally Accredited Level 3 and Advanced level 4 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals (UK)

• You can trust that all dogs are treated with a high quality of care by our friendly staff, essential for dogs that may have undergone complex surgery.

• Offers professionalism and a safe standard of practice - unsafe practice and techniques can expose dogs to potential complications or risk of re-injury



Mission statement - It is our aim to restore and preserve maximum independence of action and functionality. With the additonal goal to prolong an active and comfortable quality of life for your dog.

Only a 3 minute drive West of the Drury off ramp, K9 Aqua is situated in a peaceful rural environment on the outskirts of Drury Village. And by being within 30 min drive of Auckland CBD, this makes K9 Aqua easily accessible.

K9 Aqua offers a safe and controlled environment for your dog.

We also have easy mobility access.


Now available at K9 Aqua - Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT)


red dog rehabilitation provides personalised rehabilitation therapy, and effective high quality products to aid injured dogsduring their recovery and to assist competitive dogs to reach and maintain their peak of fitness.