Thank you for choosing K9 Aqua Ltd, as your choice of hydrotherapy facility.


To help make your and your pets' visit more enjoyable, we have a few quidelines we ask you to follow and respect.


  • - For the safety of your dog and others, we ask that all dogs are kept on lead upon arrival and departure. Not all of our visitors are dog friendly, many are recovering from recent surgery or injury so need to be kept under control to minimise any potential risk of re-injury. All dogs react differently when in pain, as our clients often are, so please don't let your dog approach another dog.






What does an Initial Assessment session involve?


To help us build an individual rehabilitation program and to maximise Fido's rehab, we will ask you questions with regards to your expectations for Fido's recovery, Fido's home environment, current exercise, diet as well as do a gait and palpation assessment.

This also includes measurements of Fido so we can track his/her changes during rehab, and recording Fido's weight each week.

At the end of Fido's hydrotherapy session, we will discuss a treatment plan in conjunction with any other therapies that Fido may be undertaking ie. physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage.

You will be asked to fill out a Client Registration form, this also includes our Terms and Conditions.

Remember to bring your pet insurance details, if Fido is covered.


What do you need to bring to your session?

Apart from your dog, you may like to bring your own treats which is advisable if Fido has a food allergy or doesn't go wacko for our schmakos.

Some owners like to bring Fidos' favourite toy, floating toys are best.

Towels are provided, but feel free to bring your own if preferred.

During the colder months, it is a good idea to bring a warm, dry jacket for Fido. Strongly advised if your dog is elderly, suffers from arthritis, or a thin coated breed.

Cameras are most welcome, as long as you promise to take only flattering photos of any staff who happen to be included.


What should you wear?

Comfortable clothing that is ok to potentially get wet, is best.

The flooring is usually in a state of constant wetness so footwear must be clean, and ok to get wet. Some footwear like jandals/sandels, can be very slippery and unsafe, once wet.


Will you accept an aggressive dog?

If Fido is unsociable with other dogs, please make us aware prior to your initial visit, and we will help manage a safe arrival and departure, for all dogs on site.

If Fido has issues with being handled, then please discuss this with us prior to arrival. We believe that every dog is entitled to receive hydrotherapy, as long as it is safe for all involved. Muzzles can be provided, or bring Fido's one along.


Can I bring my children?

Children are welcome, but due to OSH regulations, all children need to remain seated throughout the session.

Our priority is Fido, we can not give him/her our full attention if we are distracted by children potentially running and slipping, climbing on equipment, or falling into the pool. Fido can find this behaviour very distracting too! Therefore, we recommend the kids not attend, if at all possible.


Can I get in the pool with my dog?

The short answer is, no!

The long answer is, no you may not due to OSH regulations. Also, we are trained hydrotherapists and therefore we know the safest way to work with Fido to minimise any recurring injury.