1. POOL -

    2. Swimming in a controlled environment, is a safe form of non-weight bearing exercise that will help your dog to rebuild muscle without exerting any pressure on the joints.

      1. Swimming in warm water can have significant benefits in aiding with your dogs healing and recovery process following injury or surgery.
      2. The warm water encourages blood circulation to the skin and the muscles, improving the efficiency of the muscles and reducing the risk of further muscle injury.

  1. Each hydrotherapy session is monitored and measured so that your dogs individual programme can be increased as required. In most cases, a therapist will be in the pool with your dog. This ensures that each dog is monitored closely while allowing the therapist to be able to physically assess the dogs range of motion while swimming. And where necessary, any problem area can be targeted to encourage use of a particular limb.

Safe non-slip ramps are provided for entering and exiting the pool, with a ramp inside the pool for your dog to rest on between exercises.
  1. The pool is heated all year round, in summer at 27 C and during winter it’s a cosy 30 C. The quality of the water is maintained with a saltwater chlorinator. This keeps the chlorine content to a minimum and is very gentle on your dog.





The Aquatic Treadmill -

The glass sides of the treadmill enables the hydrotherapist to assess joint range of motion, stance time and stride length throughout the therapy session.


We can alter the level of the heated water allowing us to target flexion and extension on the joint of interest. The treadmill has a variable speed enabling us to achieve the correct gait pattern for the patient.


Walking in water is a closed chain exercise (a type of exercise where the foot is fixed against a form of resistance). This method of walking without the added stress of further trauma is the ideal way of promoting gait re-education after surgery or injury. E.g. cruciate repairs, spinal surgery and in particular patella correction.


The water temperature for the aquatic treadmill is maintained at 32 deg.





Benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs can include:

• Can be used for both pre and post op care for muscle building

• Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness

• Increase range of motion in joints

• Helps improve mobility

• Cardiovascular fitness

• Overall general fitness and conditioning

• Great for weight reduction and toning

• Mental stimulation

• Relaxation

Conditions that can benefit from hydrotherapy:

• Arthritis - helps reduce pain and increase mobility

• Hip/elbow Dysplasia

• Cruciate ligament disease and post operative recovery

• Recovery from injuries - fractures, soft tissue

• Obesity - in conjunction with diet

• Spinal injuries

• CDRM - Chronic Degenerative Radiculomyelopathy

• OCD - Osteochondritis Dessicans

• Mental well being


Any dogs that are currently or have recently undergone rehabilitation following injury, surgery or for obesity, will only be seen with your veterinary surgeon's approval. I can liase with your veterinary surgeon to do this, please let me know.



We may contact your veterinary surgeon about the course of treatment and its expected outcome. We will use a feedback report form to let your veterinary surgeon know how your dog’s treatment is progressing.

We will only accept vaccinated dogs and we require seeing a copy of your dog’s current vaccination record.